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Milda's Principles

This code, together with our Terms of Use , are designed to ensure that all users can enjoy Milda responsibly and safely. Please note that if you do not follow Milda's Code of Conduct, we may delete your account at any time.

Own and real photos

We take all matters regarding copyright very seriously. If you don't own the rights to a photo or video, don't upload or share it.

Respect for the Milda Community

We are an inclusive community. Therefore, we ask that you respect the beliefs, interests, and property of others when using Milda. Furthermore, we will not tolerate discriminatory, misogynistic or offensive attitudes or acts at any time. We are a community based on respect, class, style and empathy, so we ask all users to respect others, the Milda team and themselves. Behave in Milda just as you would in real life and report any user who does not follow these rules. We will not tolerate inappropriate behavior, if you are reported, we reserve the right to open an investigation and cancel any User Account.

Be original when interacting with the Milda Community

Read user profiles, look at their preferences and send an appropriate and relevant message. In our Blog we will give tips and techniques for other users to notice you.

Be yourself

Upload and send only photos of yourself to show others that your profile is real.

Milda photo rules:

  • Do not upload photos of children.

  • Do not upload naked body photos

  • Do not upload photos in which your face is not clearly seen. We are an inclusive community and we respect the preferences of each user

  • Do not upload photos with text or watermarks.

  • Do not upload photos with pornographic content.

  • Do not upload hunting photos.

  • Do not upload photos with weapons.

  • Don't upload videos of child abuse

  • Do not upload photos of gender abuse

  • Do not upload photos of animal abuse

  • Do not upload photos that contain political or religious campaigns

  • Do not upload videos that show: child abuse, human trafficking, rape, gender abuse, animal abuse.

Don't do anything illegal in Milda

We will not tolerate any kind of illegal activity in Milda. If you do something illegal, we will delete your profile and, if appropriate, we will report you to the competent authorities.

No spam

Selling products or services in Milda is prohibited. If you use Milda as a sales site, we will delete your account immediately.

Milda is an app for adults according to the region of each registered user, so it is not allowed to upload photos of children alone or accompanied to Milda. In addition, to guarantee the safety of the children and their parents, the children who appear in the photos will be warned with an email from the Milda team to delete that photograph, if they ignore that warning we reserve the right to cancel the account of the user

If you do not follow this Code of Conduct, and unless our team decides to block your account directly, you will receive a notice. If you ignore the notice, you risk losing your account. These principles are designed to make Milda a safe and friendly place for all of our users.

Effective date

Code of Conduct updated to May 1, 2020.